Welcome to the Grandview-Thorpe Neighborhood Association

The purpose of this web site is to provide information about the Grandview-Thorpe Neighborhood Association and its activities.  You may contact the GTNA officers at grandviewthorpe@hotmail.com.

The Grandview-Thorpe Neighborhood Association (GTNA) is an organization for people who live in, or own property in, the portion of southwest Spokane that is west of Highway 195 and south of Interstate 90.  GTNA was formed in 2005.  Our neighborhood previously was part of the Thorpe-Westwood Neighborhood Association which included both our neighborhood and adjacent areas outside the Spokane city limit.  In 2005 the Spokane City Council voted to provide neighborhood services only to citizens inside the city limit.  Thus, GTNA was born.  We are now a part of the Spokane Neighborhood Services program.

We welcome participation in GTNA activities by all residents and property owners within our boundaries.  GTNA gives us opportunities to get to know our neighbors, exchange information relevant to the neighborhood and city, and engage in activities that keep our neighborhood a wonderful place to live.

Our neighborhood is part of Spokane City Council District #2. E-mail addresses for our council representatives are under the “Contacts” tab at the top of this page.

Go the “Documents” tab above for meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and other documents for the neighborhood and the city.

GTNA Boundaries

The Grandview-Thorpe Neighborhood boundaries are defined as follows:

North: Interstate 90
East: Highway 195 from Interstate 90 to West 16th Avenue; Burlington Northern Railroad from West 16th Avenue to West 44th Avenue
South: West 25th Avenue from South Rustle Road to South “H” Street; West 44th Avenue from South “H” Street to Burlington Northern Railroad
West: South Garden Springs Road from Interstate 90 to South Rustle Road; South Rustle Road from South Garden Springs Road to West 25th Avenue; South “H” Street from West 25th Avenue to West 44th Avenue

Here is a map to show the boundaries of all Spokane neighborhoods: Map Spokane

GTNA Membership

GTNA membership is open to anyone who is at least 16 years of age and resides or owns property within the boundaries of the Grandview-Thorpe Neighborhood.

Neighborhood Clean-up Committee

The GTNA Clean-up Committee organizes two neighborhood clean-ups each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Trails Committee

The Trails Committee has worked on the Fish Lake Trail for the last few years, and was instrumental in improving the trail. Now the committee’s focus is on the Trolley Trail.

Community Assembly

The Community Assembly includes representatives from each neighborhood, members of the city council, and city staff. The group meets monthly to discuss issues of city-wide interest. Functions of the CA include fostering communication between the city administration and the neighborhoods, making recommendations to the city administration, and promoting citizen participation in city governance.

Community Assembly website